So Glad You Found Us

Kay-May-MistyBlessings Unleashed Foundation is a national, life-changing program designed to help unlock the puzzle of autism by turning rescue dogs into heroes for children.

How does it work? First, we find dogs from shelters who demonstrate a natural ability for companion work. We only accept dogs with excellent temperament, strong intelligence and what can only be described as “spirit to serve.”

Next, our dogs are placed in approved foster homes where they stay until there’s an opening in the Death Row Dogs Training Program. This program engages prison inmates to train our dogs.

Kaiya-Pix-003After graduating from intensive training, our dogs are then placed with local trainers to polish their public access skills. Our trainers take the dogs everywhere that you and I would be allowed to go. Once the dog is capable of passing the Public Access Test, they are then ready to be paired with a child with autism.

The trainers work with our recipient families one-to-one for an intensive five day qualification process where they teach the recipient family to properly care for and utilize their service or companion dog. On the fifth day of training the team is given the qualification test and once they have passed the test, qualification is complete and good for one year. We do require that our service dogs be re-qualified annually as long as they are being used as an autism service dog.